Igal Shenderey, Israel


Acrylic, oil, spray paint, and markers

Trains Leaving Ukraine

180,000 Kč

“Waiting for the return to normality,” Igal Shenderey

Lisa Reindorf, Mexico/United States


Oil on panel

Water Is Coming

38 000 Kč

“Water plays a central role in the climate crisis. Rising sea levels threaten to swallow coastal areas and islands, and heavy rains inundate cities.” Lisa Reindorf

Antonella Quacchia, Italy



On the River Mur

Not for Sale

“I love to carry out a personal experimentation with various techniques, trying out the combination of acrylics with metal and marble powders, oil paints, watercolours, inks, pastels, charcoals, paper, cardboard and other materials uncommon in painting.” Antonella Quacchia

David Dorsey, United States


Still life, oil on linen

Two Pears

42 800 Kč

Cecilia Sjolund, Sweden


Oil on Canvas

Joint Project

39 000 Kč

“The childhood friends meet for the last time before the autumn studies start again, and the friends are separated. The repair of the bike really becomes a joint project.” Cecilia Sjolund

Beatriz Estevez, Spain/Uruguay


Acrylic on canvas


60 000 Kč

“This work focuses on the human beings, the different stories that surround our purpose in an ever-changing world. The work includes details that draw the viewer’s attention and offer them the opportunity to question their perceptions, perspectives, and assumptions. This work encourages the viewer to delve into the unknown and explore a world of possibilities that lead them to craft their own story.” Beatriz Estevez


Sanjay Gupta, Hong Kong


Acrylic on canvas


“Based on the memory of beautiful Coral reef,” Sanjay Gupta

Selena Rojhani, United States


Acrylic on paper

S. O. S.

38 770 Kč

Mid-2020. The pandemic has isolated and saddened us. Sickening our minds more than anything. Social unrest. Black Lives Matter. Defund the police. Protests. Riots. Anger is looming. Political unrest. Who will lead our country as President? What happened to humanity? What happened to the conversation? The beginning of the end of U.S. majesty and the start of unprecedented disunity and disrespect. ANEINU written in Hebrew means, Answer Us. From up Above, from the Heavens, Answer us, Help us, Heal us. Save Our Souls.” Selena Rojhani

Veronika Sekotová, Czech Republic

Mixed Media

Acrylic and oil pastels


42 000 Kč

“An ordinary and somewhat gray existence, interspersed with important milestones and events as if on the timeline of your life. But yet you cannot see or hear them. Not even when they crash into one another (symbolized by the color red). So I write, but you don’t even read. Maybe I’m writing illegibly because I want you to figure it out yourself …” Veronika Sekotová

Sven Frøekjær-Jensen, Denmark


Acrylic on canvas

Happiness is like swimming in a vast ocean

9 000 Kč

“Fabulation painting.” Sven Frøekjær-Jensen

B Kiran Kumar, India



Serenity of Dwapara Yuga

10 000 Kč

“I have fondly worked into this piece, adding texture, colour, & elements. I have used my watercolours, brushes, & cotton buds. This painting is special to me as I was able to demonstrate Krishna’s quality of love, friendship, truth, & devotion. To project his divine qualities, I used colours of clamness, serenity, intelligence, power, growth & balance. It is an ideal piece for an altruistic person.” B Kiran Kumar

Giorgia Haran, Romania


Oil on canvas


11 823 Kč

“Aeternitas speaks of agony and suffering, misery and despair, experienced or not in the first person. Each dead bird corresponds to a man and a story, representing what is not perceived at first sight: a deep and terrible suffering.” Giorgia Haran

Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Bangladesh


Watercolor on paper

Autumn Light

9 900 Kč

“It was midday when I was on a tour in late September 2022 to the North of my Country. The surroundings were very calm & pleasant all through the highway. The gentle breeze and strong sunlight were a perfect blend for outdoor painting. I could not resist myself to capture the Autumn Light when I was crossing the river. The zigzag river is a real beauty through all its path.” Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Veronika Krämer, Germany


Acrylic on canvas

Construction XIV

14 800 Kč

This painting explores how simple lines and shapes combine to form complex constructs. With each line and each layer of transparent paint added, new possibilities arise, and new compositions emerge. This process is not only about exploring and building, but it is also about letting go: Lines collide, overlap, merge and vanish. Existing colours and shapes disappear, and sometimes large parts of the painting are covered again, leaving only a few lines visible and some hazy geometric arrangements shining through – a hint of what was there before.” Veronika Krämer

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