Ing. Martina Šrýtrová, Czech Republic


Fused glass

Orange River

3 750 Kč

“Fused glass vessel with authentic handcut design called ‘Lichen,’ which is peculiar to my applied arts objects, typically vases and candleholders.” Ing. Martina Šrýtrová, Mimoosa – Mosaic & Glass Studio

“Colour, form, and texture all contribute to a work of balance and beauty.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Barbara Polin, United States


Handcrafted leather jacket


Not for Sale

“Handcrafted leather jacket with hand-marbled leather inset. The jacket is completely lined with hand-marbled silk. Fits women’s size 8 (US)/38-40 (EU).” Barbara Polin

“A beautifully hand-made garment proves that fashion can be art.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Vitalii Panasiuyk, Ukraine


Metal plate and natural rust


4 500 Kč

“The main image is made on a metal plate made of natural rust. Movement in different directions destroys the structure, and movement towards each other strengthens the structure.” Vitalii Panasiuyk

“Very imaginative use of a natural process of decay to produce a thoughtful and effective image.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Assem Alsabban, Saudi Arabia


Photo composing artwork under acrylic glass

The Tram series – Special Edition

58 500 Kč

“Photo artwork with more than 30 compositions.” Assem Alsabban

“A very intricate and labor-intensive process lends this work visual depth and interest.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Violet Maimbourg, United States


Silicone, cigarettes, and plastic flowers on wood

Penn Station (Camel Blues)

51 417 Kč

“Fingerless silicone hand, burned with cigarettes.” Violet Maimbourg

“Original, humorous but thought-provoking work that shows a deft handling of materials.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Ehigbai Ozoya, Nigeria


Carbon steel wire on wood


16 534 Kč

“The work Stride was created with the simple thought of a journey begins with one step, a short step but a long vision.” Ehigbai Ozova

“Interesting use of an industrial material, fluidly handled, in making a figure usually associated with the heroic.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

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