Site icon 2023 Prague International Art Exhibition

Exhibition Staff and Judges



Susan Loy is an American artist living in Prague on a cultural visa since 2018. She was an exhibiting artist in the United States for 35 years, known for her Literary Calligraphy© art and serving as Artist-on-the-Lawn at the 1999 White House Easter Egg Roll.


Jana Tichá, Ph.D., is senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague and has curated exhibitions of visual art, architecture and design.


Isabella Evangelisti, Ph.D., has taught courses in art history at Trinity College Dublin and has been a regular contributor to the Irish Arts Review Journal.


Ron Ayers is the husband of Susan Loy and has been living in Prague since 2018. He is president of Literary Calligraphy© and guided its website since its inception in 1996. He will be responsible for communications and marketing of the art exhibition.

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