Gongsan Kim, Korea/United States


Burnt linen


Grave of Concentration Camp in North Korea

Not for Sale


“I created this work to commemorate countless souls who have been cast away into cold pits and forgotten without even gravestones to mark their passing. They were killed in the terrible political prison camps, which are said to be near impossible to come out of alive.” Gongsan Kim


“I find this work powerfully affecting in its simplicity. The artist communicates their ideas with clarity and originality.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror


Liana Vasilache, Romania


Pencil on paper


Night Ball

26 000 Kč


“An upside-down flower in bloom becomes an elegant dancer on her first ball night.” Liana Vasilache


“This work is very strong compositionally and uses the monochrome tonalities to great advantage.” Isabella Evangelisti, Juror

Melis Fettahoglu Hallier, Turkey


Pencil and alcohol-based markers


Allegory of the Chess II

Not for Sale


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